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Jewelry Set Victorian Elegance


Necklace & Earrings Jewelry Set Victorian Elegance Vintage Chic

Our gloriously beautiful Victorian Elegance jewelry set is an exquisitely designed necklace and earring set from I Love Bracelets. The necklace features multiple antique gold colored chains and pearl beads with small burgundy beaded accents. The central charm features a multicolored crystal at its center surrounded by a filigree design and lightly kissed blue pearl beads. There is another pearl bead hanging down from the center charm with multiple chains seductively dangling at the end. The earrings have matching pearl beads and a long multiple chain dangle at their ends. This jewelry set screams romance and is reminiscent of vintage style jewelry like you might find in an antique store.

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  • Model: ILB40511
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs/0.18kgs
  • Condition: new