How to Order the Perfect Corset Size for You

Ordering the correct size is supremely important! There is no bigger disappointment than opening your anxiously awaited corset order and discovering that your corsets are not the correct size for your figure! We cannot emphasize enough that these corsets run very, very small. They have been created with European sizes and Americans sizes are usually larger in comparison.


If you want to purchase several styles, we would recommend ordering only one style to begin with until you are sure what size works best for you. Once you get the first corset on and it fits, then order as many corsets as you desire using that waist measurement.


You will notice that we have listed a waist measurement in every corset description on our website. This is because we have discovered that a size chart is not very accurate. Size can depend on the style of the corset or the designer. So, we actually measured every corset we offer, to insure our customers can order the correct size. The smallest size listed is the measurement of the waist of the corset without any gap in the back at the waistline. We simply added 3 inches to this number meaning there would be a maximum of approximately 3.5-4 inches in the back waistline gap.


It is my personal opinion that the laced up gap at the waistline in back should be no wider than approximately 3.5-4 inches. If a corset has a modesty panel, a flap in the back so fabric shows and not skin, than the gap can be a little wider. Historically, women would wear corsets with a wider gap because they could not afford to buy a new corset when they gained weight. These days, the intention of wearing a corset is to flatter your figure. A too large gap in back at the waist might not be flattering. If you have a larger gap at the top (bust) or the bottom (hips), ooh la la for you and that is normal. However, this is totally up to you and a matter of personal opinion.


For example: If your waist measurement is 34 inches. In the description of the corset you would like to order, it says XL fits 34-37 inches. If you put this size XL corset on, the flaps in the back would meet at the waist. There would be no room to cinch the corset to reduce your waistline because the edges would overlap. You would need to order the next smaller size.

If your waist measurement falls within the range, you will need to decide whether to size up or size down depending on your level of squish (term from one of our customers). We would suggest using a sewing measuring tape to measure your waistline. Then pull the tape as tight as you can to determine your squished waistline measurement. Then order the size corset for that measurement.


Taking your Measurements


First, take a measuring tape like you would use for sewing or, in a pinch, you can use a metal construction measuring tape as well. If you do not have a measuring tape, this is a very small and NECESSARY investment to make if you plan on purchasing apparel on-line. It is much cheaper to buy a measuring tape than it costs to ship back your order because it does not fit properly!


How to Measure


Measure your waistline, this is right at the bottom of your rib cage just above your belly button. If you think of your figure as an hour glass, the smallest part in the middle would be your waistline. No sucking in! You want your corset to fit.


If you just DO NOT want to measure


If you choose NOT to take your measurements and you just want to place an order, please order at least 2 sizes larger than your normal clothing size. Please see the chart below:



Normal Clothing Size

Corset Size







Extra Large










If you are still not sure, please do not hesitate to ask. We love to be of service because we want you to love your Corsets, and they way you look wearing them.



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