How to Add a Fairy Pond to Your Fairy Garden

Author: Jennifer Dawson


Want to add a miniature fairy pond to your garden for the kids or for simply enjoying yourself? Follow this YouTube clip for getting ideas on how to create a fairy garden pond in minutes without a lot of expense. We also offer a miniature pond figurine.


A fairy garden pond is a unique way to set your outdoor garden area apart from others. You use miniature fairy figurines, fairy houses and more to create a place for the imagination to run wild. Follow this link to see how a fairy pond is being used near hospitals for their calming effect.


Creating a fairy pond can be just as quick as the video or you can build a real pond at the center of your fairy garden. You will need a container or space for the water, some basic gardening tools and plants, and your favorite fairy gardening figurines to make the space unique to your personality.


Please keep in mind, the video clip shows adding a faux fairy pond, meaning no water, which would be very easy to maintain. However, if you decide to build a pond with real water, please keep in mind, there may be more maintenance. If your real water feature has totally moving water, where the water falls into a closed chamber and a pump takes the water back to the top, the mosquitoes will not be an issue because they don't like moving water. Pesky mosquitoes will breed in still water so your fairy pond will either have to be treated with chlorine or you can introduce fish into the pond. The size of the fish you use will be determined by the size of the pond. Minnows or small goldfish can be used for a small pond or Koi can be enjoyed in a larger pond. There will have to be some type of oxygen source during hot weather like a water fall or fountain and during winter months, the fish will need to be fed. From personal experience, I can tell you having a pond with fish is very enjoyable and nothing is more relaxing than listening to the melodious sounds of a fountain or water fall as you watch your fish play.


Choose The Space You Have To Work With

The first part of creating a fairy pond is picking a space to build it. If you're building in an outdoor garden, a planter or round, sealed container can work. But creating a pond often means decorating the area around your miniature fairy pond, so if space is available, consider digging a small pond in your garden or yard. Your fairy pond can quickly give you a decorative center piece to start with and add to every year in your garden that will drastically improve the exterior appearance of your home.


Choose Small Trees And Garden Plants Of Appropriate Size

Expanding on that, consider what you want around your pond. Most people don't want their fairy garden setting surrounded by weeds and tall grass, so adding planting soil, gravel or mulch to spread around it is usually a must. Then, choose small and easy to maintain plants. Bonsai trees are small and easy to trim and maintain. You can also add a small swing, bench or fairy door for decoration, giving the illusion of a human-size outdoor area scaled down to fairy size thanks to these helpful small plants.


Pick Your Dream Fairy Garden Figurines

Finally, look into modeling kits or finding the right decorations if you want to add small fairy figurines to top off your fairy pond. A modelling kit lets you paint and customize the figure yourself, and they tend to be cheaper as a result, but they do require a bit of artistic skill. The important thing isn't necessarily to make a miniature fairy figurine yourself, it’s to choose it yourself, and with fairy accessories such as fairy houses, fairy furniture and miniature decorations you can show off your own version of an artistic dream design to offer you and your fairy garden visitors enjoyment and a place for tranquility, to gain peace of mind.

To Reiterate

Fairy ponds can be built in a space as small as a wine barrel or planter. Some people cleverly fill a small planter with water, set it inside a larger planter, and surround it with dirt to make it as compact and easy to fit into an indoor fairy garden setting. Getting started isn't expensive, but you should plan accordingly by considering where you will have adequate space, what plants will give the best illusion of a small, encapsulated world, and what fairies or figurines will best represent your vision. Follow this link to see our selection of fairy gardening figurines. The greatest achievement is to use your own imagination and enjoy yourself and, if you have children, give them the opportunity to use their imagination in helping you build a magical fairy world.


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