Customer Testimonials

Here are a few testimonial emails we have received from customers regarding our business, the service provided and our products.


Thank you so very much for your kind honesty concerning a refund for part of my shipping costs. I actually deleted several fairies from this order because I had gone over my budget due to my excitement in finding so many fairies I wanted to add to my current collection. (total soon to be 35 fairies) And naturally the shipping costs were an influencing factor, too. I am a Grandmother with eight Grandchildren, four of them are girls, who like to play in the Fairy Garden. And I pray once Winter ends we will have many fun fascinating adventures. I eagerly await my order of 7 fairies for my Fairy Garden, and look forward to ordering more fairies from you in the future. And please know both of your update emails have brought a smile to my face. I truly appreciate your sincere customer service! Thank you! Janette K


Thank you so much!  The bunny box is adorable! Georgianne S.


That is great! You have been a great help!! Thank you very much! Kind regards, Violetta


Thank you so much with the outstanding service. I will check out those links you recommended. Be well, R.G.


Thank you so much!  I just received the bunny.  It is adorable. Deborah


I received my daisy frog yesterday.  I just wanted  to let you know I love it!!. I'm so glad you had him in stock.Have a great day!!! Renee


Thank you!  My daughter wants this for my Granddaughter from the tooth fairy.  A small gift instead of mine is the tradition for a lost tooth with us. My daughter got a small cat for her first lost tooth...Thank you!  Hailey loves the kitty. She was really happy that the tooth fairy left it for her. Maria


He arrived intact; thank you for your prompt service.Phila C.


Thank you so much! We got the wings and they look perfect, will get them tried out later this week but I think they'll be awesome. And whoever asks at the party will be directed to your site :D Thank you again! -Jay


I am so happy with my purchases, and very impressed by the personal touch you give to each order. Thankyou for the kind words in your letters! Goddess Bless,Kristin S.


Yay!!! Thank you so much for your assistance! All have been received and ooh’ed and ahh’ed over…too cute for words! They will be treasured and much loved! Thanks for your supreme courtesy and customer service. All the best, Grace


I just got the package. My wife looks too amazing for words. Not only can I not keep my hands off of her but I am worried I will have to fight off other men!! Thank you!! She loves it and perfect fit!!-Joel H.


Thank you for the prompt service. I loved all the fairy items I ordered from you and thanks for the free fairy lotion. If I need anything else for my fairy garden, I will surely not hesitate ordering from you! Barbara L.


LOVE THE SHOES! Merry Christmas! Thank you! Laura D. V.


I recieved my mugs today and they are prefect!  I am so excited to give them to my husband for Christmas.  Thank you for your help! Merry Christmas! Best Renee B.


I wanted to let you know the replacement arrived intact! Thank you so much for your quick response!


Thank you so much. I am so happy you are so great at remedying this. It was such a sad day when my mother in law opened her gift and it was broken. She will be so excited to have a whole one! Thanks!! Sugar W.


Thank you so much.  It is so great to see a company who sells on-line to be so responsive. I will definitely order from you again AND tell my friends. Chris


My Bliss body cream arrived and I love it! Thank you so much...I will be ordering from you again! Carol M.

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