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Feather Wings & Accessories

Our large black Maleficent feather fairy wings will definitely put your costume over the top. We also offer medium size Maleficent feather fairy wings, large Mockingjay feather wings, medium size Mockingjay feather wings, large 38.5 inch tall feather fairy wings in black, white or red, medium 23.5 inch tall feather fairy wings in black white or red and small 19 inch tall feather fairy wings in black, white, red and pink. We also offer butterfly style white feather angel wings and cupid style white feather angel wings. Add charm to any evening wear with one of our feather capelets or feather shrugs. We also offer lusciously thick feather boas and feather fans plus an awesome black feather choker necklace.

Follow this link to see how a customer used the Mockingjay Wings for a costume.