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Lady of the Lake Figurine by James Ryman


James Ryman Fantasy Art Lady of the Lake Figurine

James Ryman fantasy art Lady of the Lake figurine features a raven hair maiden rising above the water with a sword in her hand.


The gorgeous magical maiden has long dark hair blowing in the breeze with a gold band on her forehead. She wears a long flowing gown of light blue trimmed in purple and edged in black with gold braided designs. The gown is slit with both of her shapely legs showing her feet rising form the water. In her left hand she holds up a long sword. The sword has a gold trimmed hilt with black grip and gold pommel. The cross guard is black with gold edges and trim with a black and gold design running down the blade. The name of the figurine, Lady of the Lake, is printed on the base.


Our magnificent Lady of the Lake figurine measures 10 inches tall, 6 inches wide and includes its own gift box.


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  • Model: WU77210AA
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