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Corset Top Patches of Luster Steel Boned with Hinged Closures


Steel Boned Purple Corset Top with Hinged Closures, Leather Trim, Adjustable Side Buckles, Satin Lining and Modesty Panel and Thong

Our awesomely beautiful Steel Boned corset top, we call Patches of Luster, features brilliantly hued purple patchwork fabrics in various designs with leather trim, hinge style front closures, side adjustable double buckles, satin lining, a modesty panel and a matching thong. The picture does not adequately reflect how gorgeous this corset really looks. You will love the way it feels too when you wear it with your favorite jeans, a skirt or slacks. Not only a fabulous corset top for wearing out on the town, when you get home, this corset doubles as luxuriously sexy lingerie and is one of our top picks if you are looking for a sexy, sensuous corset experience.

We also offer an adorable purple mini skirt, sold separately, that will look absolutely stunning with this corset.

To ensure perfect sizing, we have measured all our corsets in all different sizes so you can purchase according to your waist measurement. For this corset the waist measurements are: large 26-29 inches, XL 28-31 inches and 2-XL 30-33 inches. These measurements allow for a maximum 3 inch gap for the lace up back.

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