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Crystal Fairy Figurine by Melanie Delon


Melanie Delon Fairy Figurine Crystal Fairy

This product will be arriving 9/30/18 and is available for pre-order.


Our stunning Crystal Fairy figurine was created by artist, Melanie Delon, and measures 9.6 inches tall.


The majestic Crystal fairy has bright red hair that almost looks like flames as it delicately floats above her head. A spiked headdress distinguishes her as royalty. Her white gown features an open section in the middle revealing her slim waistline, also has off the shoulder sleeves, filigree designs and hangs down behind her revealing her shapely legs in front. She sits on a snow covered tree throne with jagged quartz crystal tetrahedrons emerging around her. Clear wings are outstretched behind her and a beautiful grey wolf sits on the ground next to her guarding his mistress.


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  • Model: UWU77387
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs/1.36kgs
  • Manufactured by: Unicorn Studio Inc.
  • Condition: new