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Creme Brulee' Jar Candle


Kringle Candle Creme Brulee Jar Candle

Our deliciously decadent Creme Brulee Candle has all the allure of the classic dessert without any of the calories. The candle artists, from Kringle Candle Company, have elegantly translated the fragrance of this beloved dessert into candles by adding just a touch of caramelized sugar sweetness to the smoothly chilled vanilla custard notes. Light this candle and sit back and enjoy, with the knowledge that your thighs are not getting bigger, as you indulge your senses with this delightful dessert fragrance.

This jar candle has a burn time of 50 hours.

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  • Model: KC0002-001100
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9lbs/0.86kgs
  • Condition: new