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Fairy Kiss Fragrance Bath Salts Mineral Soak Crystals


Bath Salts Mineral Soak Crystals All Natural Skincare Fairy Kiss Fragrance 16 oz Glass Jar

Our lusciously seductive Fairy Kiss fragrance, that includes essential oils mingled to create an awesome floral citrus scent, mineral bath salts formula contains natural sea salts and Epsom salt as well as a gentle cleanser. Salt is a natural water softener and is helpful in drawing impurities out of the skin by dilating your pores and preparing the skin to absorb the trace minerals that the salts contain. These mineral salts, all natural skincare, come in a 16 oz glass jar decorated in our lovely Fairy Kiss design that will make a perfect gift for you or your favorite girl to capture the luxury of deliciously soft fairy kissed skin. As with all our awesome skincare products, our mineral salts have been made in the USA, have not been tested on animals and are absolutely paraben free.


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