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Pet Ornaments Glass Window Pane Wall Art


Pet Glass Window Pane Wall Art Ornaments for Dogs and Cats in 6 Styles

We offer six delightful versions in our glass window pane wall art or ornaments for pet lovers to honor a cherished four legged family member. There are three styles available for either your dog or cat including: A a square glass plaque, an angel glass figurine plaque or small glass photo frame. No matter which style you choose, these gorgeous pet ornaments include a chain style hanger plus a suction cup for window hanging and will add charming enchantment wherever you place them. Perfect for giving your pet a place of honor at your office or as a gift for any pet owner.

The glass ornament reads, A house is not a home without a (either dog or cat). The blue glass ornament features a gold colored dog, the pink glass ornament features a blue colored cat and both styles feature beads and crystal accents in the filigree scroll work trim.

The glass angel figurines feature a gold colored dog or a blue colored cat and both feature halos and filigree angel wings with beads and crystal accents.

The glass photo frame says either Good Dog with a gold border or Good Kitty with a blue border and is framed by filigree angel wings accented with beads and crystals.

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