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The Witching Hour Candle Holder Witch Figurine


Veronese Design Fantasy Art Witch Figurine Candle Holder The Witching Hour

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Imagine a romantic evening for two. The music plays softly and the lights are turned down low. You want to light a taper candle for atmosphere but need something to hold it. We have the perfect candelabra and figurine all in one. Our fantasy art Witching Hour witch figurine is a taper candle holder and features a gorgeous fairy witch. She stands in front of a column that has sculpted animal trim and filigree designs at its top edge where your candle will fit. Large dark feathery wings are unfurled behind the beautiful enchantress. A ribbon graces her head adorned with a burgundy color rose that accents her wildly flowing long red hair and frames a delicate face. There is a pendant necklace at her throat and black fingerless gloves on her arms. She wears a black velvet corset top with cross laces in front, at both sides and a white lace trim at the top edge. A long blue skirt drapes about her legs and her pet black cat stands at her feet. There is a white skull in her hand with a yellow flamed candle dripping wax down the sides of its stony face. This fairy figurine will make an enchanting addition to your home decor plus a place to put your taper candle for a romantic evening for two.


Our Veronese Design witch figurine measures 11 inches tall and includes her own gift box.


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  • Model: UWU75016AA
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  • Manufactured by: Unicorn Studio Inc.
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