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Moonbeam Donna Reindeer Ornament Mini


Patience Brewster Moonbeam Donna Reindeer Mini Ornament

A gorgeous creamy yellow, frilly blanket with shimmering golden polka dots and lace covers our delightfully beautiful Moonbeam Donna reindeer ornament mini. Measuring 5 inches tall, this elegant reindeer figurine comes from the imagination of amazing artist Patience Brewster. Large white high heel boots with silver laces are trimmed in gold and tied in large golden bows at her ankles. A creamy yellow head scarf, also trimmed in gold, is tied in a large golden bow under her chin and matches the large golden bow tied at her tail. Donna is also wearing a pink rose flower garland with green leaves around her neck with a matching floral arrangement above her tail. A single golden jingle bell dangles beneath her chin from a silver cord. Each gold tipped reindeer horn is topped with a lit candle.

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  • Model: PB08-31241 B
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs/0.09kgs
  • Condition: new