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Mad Queen Dragon Figurine by Nene Thomas


Nene Thomas Fantasy Art Dragon Figurine Mad Queen

Nene Thomas Mad Queen dragon figurine features a spider witch with her baby dragon companion.


The alluring white hair witch wears a black winged headdress with a spider sitting at the center. Her long black gown is covered in filigree silver designs, has a deep cut bodice revealing her voluptuousness, webbed trim at the waist, a spiky sleeve on her left shoulder and is pulled over to reveal all of her shapely right leg. A beaded black choker, filigree design bracelet on her left arm and beaded chains at her hip are her jeweled accessories along with a webbed black fingerless glove on her right arm and matching sock on her right leg. There are tattoos on both upper arms and a dragon tattoo on her thigh. Blue gemstones wink at you from her thigh jewelry and glove. Mounds of grey skulls surround her throne and green ferns grow at the base. The small silver dragon sits on her shoulder with black horns and red eyes. His wings are unfurled as if he is about to take flight.


This spectacular Nene Thomas Mad Queen fantasy art figurine measures 9.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and includes its own gift box.


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  • Model: WU77217VA
  • Shipping Weight: 3.1lbs/1.41kgs
  • Manufactured by: Unicorn Studio Inc.
  • Condition: new