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Dark & Light Angels Figurine by James Ryman


James Ryman Fantasy Art Angel Figurine Dark & Light Angels

James Ryman fantasy angel figurine Dark & Light Angels is an exquisitely gorgeous masterpiece. Both angels have delicate features on their face as they talk and embrace each other.


The light blonde angel wears a blue cape with scalloped edges that flare out in back, a blue corset top, a blue long skirt with silver chain trim down the sides and everything is trimmed in blue beaded jewel accents, silver filigree designs and silver edging.


The dark black hair angel has a filigree chain design on her forehead and wears a black choker necklace. Her black corset top is trimmed in silver with red rose adornments. A black cape with red lining drapes from her shoulders to the ground and closes with a red rose clasp. Her long black skirt has a slit just above her knee where her left leg peeks out showing silver filigree trim on her red underskirt.


Both angels have large feather wings extended behind them and the dark angel holds a red book. There is an open blue book, with strange writing, on the ground next to the light angel with a blue jewel on a chain lying beneath. This magnificent James Ryman fantasy art angel figurine measures 9 inches tall, 8 inches wide and includes its own gift box.


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  • Model: WU77202AA
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5lbs/2.49kgs
  • Manufactured by: Unicorn Studio Inc.
  • Condition: new