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Ne'Qwa Art Glass Fragrance Lamp Bless Our Home


NeQwa Art Glass Fragrance Lamp Bless Our Home by Cindy Shamp

Our fabulous Ne'Qwa Art, Bless Our Home, glass fragrance lamp features the original fantasy art by artist Cindy Shamp. This glass lamp is hand painted using the ancient reverse painting technique known as Ne'Qwa and measures 6.25 inches tall. The collectible Ne'Qwa home decoration lamp comes beautifully packaged in a hand crafted, satin lined, blue velour presentation case enclosed in the Ne'Qwa Art signature protective box. Ne'Qwa Art lamps use fragrance containing 90 percent isopropyl alcohol, water and fragrance which may be purchased at most local candle or gift stores.

NeQwa Art is the largest producer of the centuries old tradition of painting on the inside of glass. The same meticulous techniques that captivated emperors and art connoisseurs ages ago are used to create each of their decorative accessories. From outlining to shading to color application, all work is painstakingly done in freehand. Known in the Mandarin language as Ne'Qwa, the artistic tradition of reverse painting on the inside of glass flourished during the 17th century, when snuff bottles were valued fashion accessories in China.


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