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Teacup Dog Birthday Greeting Card by Patience Brewster


Patience Brewster Birthday Greeting Card Teacup Dog

Our interesting Patience Brewster Teacup Dog fantasy art Birthday Greeting Card is a perfect example of her unusual talents as an artist. The 5 x 7 inch birthday card also includes an ivory envelope and an inside greeting says, Conjuring wild notions and wonderful wishes for you today!.


The Teacup Dog fantasy art features an adorable fluffy brown dog sitting on a bone in the middle of some grass inside a tea cup. From there the artwork gets a bit wild. It's pretty difficult to describe but, I will try.


Behind the dog it looks like a blue bird with an orange beak and eyes. A pair of yellow flags extends on each side of the bird. The bird has feathery hair full of symbols and numbers, I believe this may be the conjuring part of the fantasy art. There is some sort of cute bug that is flying away from the dog at the center. Beneath the tea cup there is a stripe table runner with a long tassel at the end. Yellow flaps on either side feature some sort of symbols that dangle from the edge of the tea cup by strings. Also from the bottom edge of the tea cup there is a double egg holder with eggs in each cup. There are strings running from the ends of the bone, down to the egg holders that each feature a pink flag. Under the yellow flaps there are 2 smaller gold egg holders each filled with 2 smaller eggs but they must be floating in mid air. An arrow balances between the 2 small gold egg holders and points to the one on the right. From between the dogs front paws, down to almost the end of the table runner, there is a large silver fork.


It might be guessed that this Patience Brewster Teacup Dog fantasy art came from the same muse that inspired Dr. Seuss and helped create the Yellow Submarine.


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