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Wallflower Flower Fairy Figurine by Cicely Mary Barker


Cicely Mary Barker Fantasy Art Wallflower Flower Fairy Figurine

The princely Wallflower Flower Fairy figurine, by artist Cicely Mary Barker, sits upon a wall with his charges blooming around him. There is a pink flower petal hat on his head. His shirt is a deep burgundy color. Slits in the puff sleeves of the shirt, the collar, the cuffs and his waistline reveal a yellow flower petal shirt is worn beneath. Tight fitting pink stockings cover his legs with ivory shoes on his feet. Lovely yellow fairy wings are unfurled behind him with pink and burgundy color edges.


This fantasy art Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy figurine measures 5 inches tall and includes his own gift box with purchase.


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