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Secret Garden Dragon Fantasy Figurine


Anne Stokes Dragon Fantasy Figurine Secret Garden

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Everyone loves gardens and this fantasy figurine called Secret Garden, created by artist Anne Stokes, features a beautiful maiden sitting upon a carpet of green grass in a lovely garden playing with a delightful baby dragon. The lovely girl has long blonde hair and a beautiful, delicate face. She is wearing a delightfully stunning choker necklace that features an elegant golden dragon figurine charm. Her beautiful dress is red and blue with black and gold lace accents. Her charming dragon playmate is purple and sits in front of her, holding her hand. A stone flower pot filled with blooming red flowers and greenery sits upon a stone pedestal next to the pair. A rose bush is growing in front of the pedestal with several delightful delicate red rose blooms. There is a golden design on the face of the pedestal that is the trademark for Anne Stokes designs.

Anyone that loves fantasy art will adore owning and displaying this charming fantasy dragon figurine that measures 6.75 inches tall and includes its own gift box.

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