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Fantasy Figurine Elf Maiden with Wolf


Veronese Studios Elf Maiden Fantasy Figurine with Wolf

Veronese Studios created this awesome fantasy figurine entitled, The Elf Maiden. Featuring a beautiful elf woman sitting in a provocative pose next to her white wolf companion, the amazing detail and beauty of this fantasy figurine will make it a favorite of any collection. Long red hair flows behind the lady elf where her pointed ears shyly peak out. A beaded charm sits upon her forehead and there is a magical charm necklace around her neck. Her gorgeous dress features pearl beaded straps with an interesting design at the bodice. Silver bracelets cover her left arm posed in front of her. The fabulous white wolf next to her looks so real you will feel like reaching out to stroke his soft fur.

This amazing elf and wolf figurine measures 6 inches tall, 6 inches wide and includes its own gift box.

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  • Model: UWU76808AA
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9lbs/0.86kgs
  • Condition: new