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Bubbles Candle Holder Fairy Figurine


Fairy Figurine Fantasy Art Votive Candle Holder Bubbles

If you love fairies, you are going to love this gorgeously delightful votive candle holder. The enchanting fantasy art woodland sprite fairy figurine is squatted down on the rocky ground surrounded by green grass and a mixture of purple and blue flowers with her fairy wings drooped around her. She has a beautiful flower garland wreath on her head and wears a purple flower mini dress. There are purple filigree tattoos on both upper arms, next to her left eye and down her left leg. Her little pointed ears are peeking out of her dark hair as she holds a wand she is using to make bubbles that will drift away on the soft breezes surrounding her.


Our fairy figurine Bubbles votive candle holder measures 5.5 inches wide. 5 inches tall and includes a candle with a vibrant floral scent.


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  • Model: GSC91596
  • Shipping Weight: 1.44lbs/0.65kgs
  • Manufactured by: George S Chen Co
  • Condition: new