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Beauty & The Winged Serpentine Dragon Figurine


Veronese Design Dragon Figurine Fantasy Art Beauty & The Winged Serpentine

Veronese Design created this magnificent dragon figurine entitled Beauty & The Winged Serpentine which features a gorgeous princess standing barefoot in flames of fire encircled by her large black dragon. Reminds me of my favorite fantasy series.


The exquisitely beautifulprincess has long blonde hair with a single, small gold wrapped braid in front. Her long blue gown is belted at the waist and has long sleeves. There is a gold filigree crown across her forehead that features exotic beaded dangles down the back of her head, signifying her royal status. A gold beaded ankle bracelet is on her left ankle. Her left hand caresses the giant black dragon and her right hand gently pets him under the chin. The huge dragon has spectacular black wings with orange tips. His belly and tail have reddish tones and the end of his tail, or spade, is bright orange. We call the winged serpentine creature a dragon because it looks in every way like a dragon except, it does not have legs.


Our Beauty & The Winged Serpentine figurine measures 10 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide and includes its own gift box.


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  • Model: WU77184AA
  • Shipping Weight: 5.25lbs/2.38kgs
  • Manufactured by: Unicorn Studio Inc.
  • Condition: new