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Gift Set Fairy Kiss Fragrance Spa Style Skincare 3 Pc


Fairy Kiss Gift Set 3 Products of Our All Natural Spa Style Skincare

Our enchanting Fairy Kiss 3 piece all natural skincare gift set includes a 2 oz body oil spray, 2 oz hand creme and .5 oz face cream all in the awesomely sexy Fairy Kiss floral citrus fragrance including a fabulous gift box with our own Fairy Kiss design. This marvelous fragrance has been designed especially for Fairy for You by premiere skincare specialists to soothe and intoxicate your senses.

The body oil spray is a combination of our bath oil and body mist moisturizer to create a very light weight oil mixture that will never leave a sticky residue and includes a high level of vitamin E in a simple and easy to use spray bottle.

Our luxurious hand creme was created for very dry skin and contains huge amounts of Shea butter along with Comfrey root and vitamin E. The wheat protein acts as an anti-irritant while the golden seal adds a youthful dewy shine to rough, dry skin and the safflower oil and Shea butter protect with long lasting moisturizing benefits.

Our unique face creme contains vitamin C which has been shown in studies to reduce the appearance of fine lines by increasing the production of collagen in your skin. Our Fairy Kiss face creme has a very light feeling formula that does not feel greasy and is gentle enough to be used under your eyes.

All three great all natural skincare products in a gift box add up to a perfect gift for your favorite girl.

Like all our skincare products, these products are made in the USA, never tested on animals, are all natural and paraben free.

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